• Studio Schools are a new type of state school model for young people of all abilities, they offer a pioneering practical approach to learning involving enterprise projects and real work.

  • Studio School offer much more.

    At the heart of a Studio School are six key elements:

    Employability and enterprise skills – students will be supported to develop the key employability and life skills they need to succeed

    Key qualifications – students will be taught the national curriculum and work towards a range of key qualifications from Level 2

    Personalised curriculum – students will meet frequently with their ‘personal coach’ to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and aspirations

    Practical learning – students’ learning will be delivered principally through enterprise themed projects – stemming from ‘real’ businesses and the community activities

    Real work – students will spend a significant portion of their weekly time in real work.

    Small schools – students will learn in a small, supportive and personalised learning environment of around 300 students.

    ×Everyone starting at the AE studio school begins a journey with many destinations.


    Some will go on to achieve vocational qualifications and get a great job, some will find themselves going to university and some will have the skills to set up their own business.


    Studio schools have been specially designed to make this happen.
    What makes us different is not what is offered but how it is delivered. We take learning out of a traditional classroom setting

    Our post 14 and 16 students benefit from studying business- friendly qualifications in an environment that allows them to apply what they have learnt in the classroom directly into real life business situations. Some of the our students even get paid for doing so!

    There is considerable evidence that this practical approach to learning can lead to high grades, improved engagement and better job prospects for young people, as well as widening the pathway to higher education and beyond.

  • We train adults and students 14 - 19. Visit our training pages for more details.